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Best Spa Hotel in Istanbul at Istanbul Dora Hotel

At the Istanbul Dora Hotel, we offer the best spa in Istanbul which you can use to truly relax and have a good time.
A lot of the tourists that visit us throughout the year don’t have the time or the energy to visit a spa when they are working day in and day out. However, because we want to give you a complete experience which you will remember long after you have gone back, we offer exceptional spa services which you can use during your stay.

Here are the three spa related services which we offer to our esteemed guests.


Our sauna is especially designed to make you sweat but feel fresh at the same time. If you have had a long day sightseeing and are staying at one of the best hotels in Istanbul, you can make an appointment with us and we’ll make sure that the facility is ready for you. Once you have really sweated it out in the sauna, you’ll be ready to hit the showers and get ready for dinner.

Massage Room

We appoint only the best and most reliable professional masseuse for your comfort and ease. So even if you aren’t sore or feel back pain, our professionals will ensure that you leave the massage rooms with satisfaction and a great big smile on your face. The environment of our rooms is also especially selected and candles are lit so you can really enjoy the experience. We guarantee that by the end of it all, you will rate us as the best spa hotel in Istanbul Turkey. If you feel any discomfort in specific areas of your body, be sure to tell your appointed masseuse and they will try their best to relieve you of the pain.

Turkish Bath - Hammam

When you are visiting Istanbul, one of the things which you must try out is the hammam. This is a special bathing ritual which was performed during the Islamic era and you’ll quite enjoy it if you want to explore the Turkish culture and traditions. We highly recommend this spa service and also suggest that you make an appointment with us at your earliest convenience so there is no room for error. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this chance to fully experience the Turkish life because not all hotels in Istanbul will offer this feature.

Book with us today and find out about more about the spa services!

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